My Interests

Amateur Radio (K7QPP): I have had my license since 1961 when I was a sophomore in High School. I have operated from Alert, NWT, Canada to Eurovillas, Spain (EA4APA) to a number of locations within the United States. I have listed a number of links that I have found helpful and/or interesting.

Computers: I love computers and put way too much time behind the keyboard. I have highs when all is working as I want and lows when I am not able to be successful in pushing the limit of my computer or if some jerk (one big frustration) managed to sneak a virus in my back door.

Genealogy: You can see some of my direct line if you select “About Us” above. My direct line includes Allen, Barber, Barkhurst, Bate, Baudoin, Beresford, Binnewee, Blanck, Boucher, Brackett, Brading, Brigham, Butler, Buys, Candler, Canon, Causine, Champney, Chiles, Clements, Comegys, Cornwell, Crosby, Day, Denyse, Dorland, Dougherty, Ellithrope, Elton, Emans, Emmons, Farr, Fiske, Folkes, Folwell, Forbes, French, Geerloffsdatter, Godfrey, Gordon, Green, Groom, Hall, Harrison, Hay, Hayward, Holland, Horseman, Howard, Johnson, Johnston, Keith, Lambert, Landt, Leeds, Mains, Manning, Middleton, Moorman, Neale, Nyssen, Olmstead, O'Neil, Osterhoudt, Page, Pieters, Pieterszen, Plunkett, Pott, Rapelje, Reiners, Remsen, Revell, Roberts, Rockhill, Rogers, Sauvagie, Sampson, Scales, Scott, Seales, Slater, Smit, Smyth, Snedeker, Sotheron, Stearns, Taylor, Terrell, Tilden, Trico, Udny, Van Der Beeck, Van Haarlem, Van Cleef, Van Salee, Villiers, Walker, Waters, Wheeler and Young. If I did not post a person on the linked page but their surname is on this list, drop me a message. I have also included some genealogy links that you might enjoy.

Job's Daughters: : This is one of the great pleasures in life. I have worked as an adult with Job’s Daughters since 1985 and have the honor of being a Past Associate Grand Guardian from both New Mexico (1993-1994) and Oregon (2004-2005). I am currently the Webmaster for Job's Daughters in Oregon.... see This is a fantastic organization and if you really want to push one of my passonate buttons, ask me about promotion.

Links: I include some of my links that I hope you may find interesting. Let me know if you know of any other links that are really interesting.

Masons: I joined Friendship DeMolay in Portland OR and was Master Councilor in June 1964 and Oregon Chapter in 1965. I entered Masonry in 1977 while I was stationed in Spain. I am a Past Master from Liberty Lodge #70, military Lodge in Torrejon, Spain; Sandia Mt. Lodge #72 in Albuquerque, NM and Pearl Lodge #66, “Jewel of the Valley,” in Turner, OR. I am also a member of Temple Lodge #6 in Albuquerque, NM. I am the Senior Past Worthy Patron from Desert Rose Chapter #70, OES (NM) and head of the three York Rite bodies in Albuquerque, NM. I am also a Past Puissant Sovereign of St. Janus Conclave, Red Cross of Constantine out of Medford, OR.

Photography: This is one of my passions that I really enjoy. I am always learning and expanding my knowledge. I use Photoshop CS4 to work with pictures taken with my Nikon D-300s and D-200. I am usually seen walking with my camera in hand and everyone ducking out of my sight (just kidding – well almost). Listed are some of my photo links and you can see some of my pictures in the above drop down “Photo Gallery” menu.

Politics: Oh my, don’t talk about politics or religion. I am a Conservative Republican and try to base my stand on facts (my engineering training) and I vote for the best person to represent me and our country, regardless of party. My wife was on the left and we had many interesting conversations… her emotional and me intellectual… at least from my perspective. My wife’s family always referred to me as their family token Republican. Here are some links that you may find interesting.

United States Air Force and Other Military Links: I was proud to serve 24 years in the USAF. I entered the service on 6 Aug 1965 from Portland, OR as an Airman Basic and took “Boot Camp” at Lackland AFB, TX. I then attended tech school at Keesler AFB, MS to become an Airborne Radio Repairman. My enlisted years took me to Paine Field, WA; Mactan Air Base, Philippines; and Langley AFB, VA. As a Staff Sergeant (missed Tech Sergeant by ½ point on the first WAPS/SKT testing used in the USAF) I was accepted into the Airman Education and Commissioning Program and attended Auburn University, AL to earn my Electrical Engineering Degree. I returned to Lackland AFB, TX to become a 2nd Lieutenant and to Keesler AFB, MS to become a Senior Communications Engineer. My assignments as an officer took me to Hill AFB, UT; Humosa RRL, Spain; CFCC HQ at Ottawa, Ontario, Canada; and finally Kirtland AFB, NM. I retired on 31 August 1989 as a Major. I had very positive experiences in the USAF. Enjoy some military links.


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